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You were just castigating his evidence. And the measurement of how much we're doing to help the society is not how much money we spend on the problem but how much we reduce the problem. How do we talk about analogies like this without totally losing people? The sad thing is that they're both revolutionary and common sense. I've often thought that the men's movement ought to be entitled to the same sort of latitude a lot of us have given the women's movement, in other words, we ought to have a right to have our Mary Dalys and Andrea Dworkins who go overboard and create space for the Gloria Steinems and Betty Friedans.

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When I was doing the Donahue Show as a feminist, I was on seven times.

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And since the laws are seen as written mostly by heterosexual males, they see the heterosexual male as being the oppressor. What about affirmative action for men as teachers in elementary schools, for example, so that boys can get positive role models which they aren't necessarily getting? This tells in one word the entire story of masculinity. And so the argument is well, are you proposing to take away from women to give men more? An international incident nearly reaches boiling point when a Chinese diplomat is killed and the Communist Chairman's advisor is kidnapped, all on US soil. You could make a case that women addicted men to their sexuality and then withdrew their sexuality until we provided them with a source of income. Not only in football but when James DeMeo did cross-cultural studies that I talk about in The Myth of Male Power, one of his findings was that the more a society was preparing warriors, the later in life it did its circumcision and the more cruel the circumcision was and the less likely it was to use anesthesia.

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